If you are an Business Organization more comfortable in traditional ways and wishing to become Digital
If you are an Enterprise with Software systems already but need IT expertise to help you manage the Software systems
If you are an Organization in need of a trustful Technology partner who can guide you on the right technology solutions

Tecple is the right choice for you!!

Digital Transformation Capabilities

• Application development using Microsoft Technology or Java or LAMP architecture
• Mobile App- hybrid development
• Service Desk- Chatbots implementation
• SAP wrapper applications
• Workflow automation -Oracle BPM implementation
• Business Analytics and Business Intelligence implementation
• EAI – Enterprise Application Integration
• Merger & Acquisition
• Cloud solutions and migration

Digital Transformation for an Organization is not a specific task or project to be done. Such Digital transformation projects need a mindset change and culture change in the Organization. End Users who are so comfortable with the existing processes and procedures and hence they will resist any change to their routine work.
To make a Digital Transformation project successful, Tecple team interacts with various stakeholders of the Organization; understand their preferences, culture of the company and existing systems apart from technical requirements. We believe that the new system proposed must be a natural extension to the prevailing systems and should not be a drastic change to the current procedures
Clear and exact interpretation of the information by all stakeholders. There is no ambiguity and misunderstanding


Case Studies

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