Tecple’s “Collaborative Intelligence”:

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived, and is transforming everything from healthcare to transportation to manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence has moved from research and discovery to implementation. In discussions with clients, ISG observes growing interest in and uses of AI in most industries and for a variety of functions, from simple customer service chatbots to self-driving vehicles. Recent ISG research shows that people involved in robotic process automation (RPA) believe AI technology skills for deploying and maintaining automations are most important to the future of automation and that there will be a high demand for talent that can help make business decisions that complement their RPA technology. By using IoT and AI in payment methods, for example, banks are working to transform their back-end processes and integrate them with front-end systems to develop a holistic and robust finance operation. But many enterprises are very early in their adoption of these new tools.


What the AI solutions providers don’t tackle is the significant issues enterprises face when venturing into AI. Many enterprises face the challenge of building the machine learning infrastructure they need to produce strong business results while the technical requirements keep changing. Though the mandate to prioritize AI may help enterprises, but machine learning is a rapidly changing field that requires enterprises to think critically about their investments in infrastructure and build an agile environment capable of adjusting to shifts in technology that can require different computing power and skillsets.

While the focus could help enterprises gain improved access to AI solutions, most enterprises don’t yet know where to begin with this emerging technology. Tecple’s Collaborative Intelligence blends the Artificial Intelligence I and Human intelligence to help enterprises get started with AI, whether it means consulting for right solutions or getting involved in implementation or work on demand model or discussing our own present and potential applications.


Tecple’s “Collaborative Intelligence” research agenda is on the cutting edge of AI & ML areas with Visual, Voice and text processing intelligence, business intelligence using next gen technologies and application modernization with analysis of market trends, provider positioning, deployment challenges and opportunities. With a passion for bridging the gap between business and technology, Tecple Collaborative Intelligence helps deliver go-to-market strategies for enterprise solution providers in data science, data management, cloud services and analytics.

Tecple’s “Collaborative Intelligence” team consists of curious minds with global experience in the fields of AI, ML, DL, emerging technologies covering cloud computing, application development modernization, AI, and the modern workplace. The team has seasoned Consultants, Project / Program Leaders, Analysts, Developers, testers and Trainers.

At Tecple we believe Artificial Intelligence can only exist and thrive when Human Intelligence understand, accepts and collaborates. We call this "Collaborative Intelligence"


Tecple Academy for Collaborative Intelligence (TACI)


The Academy provides nextgen technology solutions and education for enterprises and institutions. We create idea, deliver solutions with insights for enterprises to strengthen their productivity. Institutions will have their students leave the program with confidence in pursuing artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer science and knowledge of how to build chatbot, videogames, apps, and websites.

Why ?

AI & ML are promising huge efficiency gains across all business verticals but implementing AI-based solutions is still very complex with challenges going well beyond the technical aspects.Whether your most pressing challenge is to re-skill your workforce, build a brand new team, conduct your initial experiments, address a very specific use case or build a large scale solution, we can help defining and executing your journey in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence transforming your company into highly efficient, data‐driven, AI-first organization.

How ?

Selected Training Programs
The Academy has developed industry-leading training programs to give you the tools to gain an advantage through specialized training. See below some of the training programs.

What ?

Accelerate Digital Transformation Through AI In an era where companies are hyper tech-enabled, the most operationally efficient organizations win. We help you lead innovation at your organization, stay ahead of the curve in the digital race, and deliver results for your shareholders. Interested in corporate innovation?

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The Programs

Our competence-based Programs offer an unique mix of technical, business and soft skills training. that will give you what it takes to create impact through AI & ML in any organization.

The Instructors

For each module you will have an expert in the specific competence taught, selected among the brightest and most innovative minds in the country.

The Method

A balanced combination of theory and hands-on learning has been carefully designed to provide the perfect combination of scientific knowledge and application of data science to a real business environment.

The Experience

The courses doesn’t end with theoretical classes but with projects where you will be required to work in a simulated environment on a particular project area and deliver a good project based on which your certifications will be given.


For Enterprises
Consulting Solutions

As per needs of the enterprises we help you on a specific project. We provide our technical expertise and experience to help your projects be successful and, performing a technical due diligence, developing a roadmap, and helping your technical team.

Also we provide Academy Learning Solutions for enterprises:

For Institutions
Tecple Academy for Institutions