If you are a software product company looking for a software testing partner
If you are a software testing services company seeking to outsource testing assignments
If you are an Organization in need of a partner to train your team on Software Testing
If you are a Software product company searching for a Test Automation partner

Tecple is the right choice for you!!

Software Testing Services

Web Application testing - Functional and Non-Functional

Desktop Application testing - Functional and Non-Functional

Code reviews

Business Intelligence & Analytics Applications testing

QA- Manual

Web security Testing, VAPT Testing

Localization & Internationalization Testing

Performance testing and benchmarking

Test Automation using tools- Silk, Selenium, JMeter, JUnit

Refactoring projects

Dev Ops set up

Localization & Internationalization testing

Setup, Maintenance and Support of CI/CD environment Jenkin, SOAP UI, Selenium

Setup, Maintenance and Support of Defect Management tools HP Quality Center, Zoho bug tracker, JIRA Support

Setup, Maintenance and Support of Clear case, Perforce, GIT, CVS, SVN

Setup, Maintenance and Support of Load Runner, Apache JMeter, OptimizeIT, Visual Studio, SQL Server Management

We provide reliable, high-Quality Testing services by building in-depth system understanding, verifying all possible scenarios and validating the newly built system with the User expectations. We interact closely with you to understand your implicit requirements, standards followed in your Organization and input the learning as both functional and non-functional parameters for testing
Tecple strongly believes that Software Quality is defined for Software user and hence understanding Quality in terms of Customer is very crucial for effectiveness of the testing. This is an important cause for a Project success.
We do the following in our Testing projects
• We get involved in the projects as early as Requirement gathering phase
• We come up with Test strategy based on Requirements Specification and be part of the project plan when freezing technical features and scope.
• We cover different factors in UI and Usability like intuitiveness, User friendliness, responsiveness, resource consumption, compatibility with different browsers and OS and Systems along with functional , performance, security, environmental and non-functional parameters in our Test cases
• We would conduct multiple types of Testing.
• We publish the Software health at the end of testing iterations


Engagement Models

Customer Software Development

In this engagement, we would perform Functional testing, Performance testing, VAPT, Web Security testing, Audit testing and Automation activities as a specific task or activity. We would also assist you in setting up and adoption to various testing tools.

You can engage a FP or T&M Business model for your project. Please click on the Send Message popup at the bottom of the page to connect to us immediately

Software Partner

When you need Testing resources or when there is lack of skills because of which you cannot focus on Testing in your Organization, then choose us as your Testing partner.

We provide you value-add services by taking complete ownership of testing activity. We bring in User’s perspective in all the features and also give insights as how other standard software works. Due to our in depth experience in System designing and development, we bring in the impact analysis of other features, systems and include all these aspects in our testing.

Other than Functional test cases, we also focus on test cases related to performance, standardization, consistency across product versions, UI and Usability. Exclusive test cases for internationalization and web security involving authorization, SQL injection, Cross site attacks etc.. are provided based on project needs.

We ensure better and healthy Software! .

You can engage a FP or T&M Business model for your project. Please click on the Send Message popup at the bottom of the page to connect to us immediately

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